Wire Snowballs with 300 LED Lights Add Magic To the Garden. - Emma Jane Rushworth, Garden Sculpture and Design, Greystones, Wicklow Ireland.
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11 Nov 2016 by In Exhibitions

I find this time of year we really need to liven up the dark and I am delighted that these really do the job!! I wanted to make something that gave fairy lights a permanent home in the garden. They have been woven in steel wire galvanized and sprayed. I have sourced the highest quality LED fairy lights.  They are designed to live in the garden all year round and would look great at  summer barbecue .. I will try growing sweet peas over them this summer to give a summer feeling. They really give a touch of magic in these darker night. They are energy efficient for the effect they give and would use the same electricity as a regular single light bulb.

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