Summer the Fairy enjoying her Lake in Roundwood Wicklow Ireland. - Emma Jane Rushworth, Garden Sculpture and Design, Greystones, Wicklow Ireland.
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Call us toll free: +353 86 805 5130
18 Jul 2017 by In Exhibitions

Summer, has flown off to her new home in County Meath where she is having trouble taking care of a family of unruly frogs that she is soon to have croaking in harmony!. Summer, was commissioned by a family of five boys and a syndicate of sister in-laws as a gift for their loving mum on her 70th birthday, How wonderful… She sits on a moss covered concrete ball at the side of a quiet pond in a lovely garden…..
Each of my fairies is unique individually named. They take around one month to construct and find a unique pose of their own. The wiring is made from high-grade stainless steel that will last a lifetime outdoors. These fairies wings are about a meter wing tip to wing tip and a meter in height when sitting….Look close enough and you can see she has attracted her first dragonfly.

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