Penelope the Peacock in Bronze wire with oxidised green/blue effect. - Emma Jane Rushworth, Garden Sculpture and Design, Greystones, Wicklow Ireland.
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Call us toll free: +353 86 805 5130
27 Dec 2017 by In Exhibitions

I know peacock are boys but they are so pretty this name seemed to suit him. This is my first piece in bronze and it was lovely to work with. It gives a very sophisticated look. I oxidised parts of the sculpture to get the fantastic green colour and polished up other parts of the piece and achieve a lovely mix of colour and finish. I would be delighted to work on another bronze piece a green fairy for example… Let’s see what new challenges 2018 brings. The peacock stands for longevity, kindness, love, compassion, goodwill, protectiveness, glory, beauty, life, health, radiance, resurrection, renewal, stimulation and life. Wow, I think we could all do with a symbol like this in the garden. Happy New Year.

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