Mad March Hares - Emma Jane Rushworth, Garden Sculpture and Design, Greystones, Wicklow Ireland.
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Call us toll free: +353 86 805 5130
08 Mar 2017 by In Exhibitions

These hare’s are boxing mad and are made from steel wire and brute force, on my part… they will add a great feeling of well being to any Garden and bring a smile every country file passing.. I sculpt free hand and build the armature from feel and then work into it with other finer wire and then finally the finest wire creates the hair and detail. I am sure there are many ways to work with and develop wire art. It is a very expressive medium and aloes this is my technique that i have developed through hours of experimentation. This signature sculpture of a pair of boxing hares would last a life time in the garden. This pair are making there way to a home in Salisbury Wiltshire where I hope they will be very loved. I would be delight to work on a pair for you.

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