Lovely Hens - Emma Jane Rushworth, Garden Sculpture and Design, Greystones, Wicklow Ireland.
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Call us toll free: +353 86 805 5130
03 Oct 2018 by In Exhibitions

It’s funny because When I started four years ago on making my wire sculptures. I began with hens. Here four years down the line and again I am working on a group of hens !! I started with galvanised wire from the local hardware shop now I ship bronze wire made to order from the U.K. Its been a hectic four years as along with it I had a baby who has seen his mummy struggling with wire and creating a tribe of aminals and fairies over the short space of his life. They come and go and this little hen is the latest in the tribe of magical pieces and Charlie has given his seal of approval. Most pieces are made to order a little hen like this would be €1000 with a lead time of 4 weeks. Thank You

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