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My Elven Angel flying on Crystal Waters

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This is the latest addition to my Magical Wire Sculpture collection he is made from high grade stailess steel. He took me around 3 week of wiring to complete and was commissioned by two sons for there mother’s 70th Birthday.This photo is taken in Glendalough Wicklow ireland as it were fairies and angel belong.Well I think so I hope you agree…

Gold at Bloom For Natures Resurgence for Ria Organics by John Durston.

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A great delight to be working with Ria organics and John Durston on the garden Natures Resurgence it makes it all even better when you hear that the garden your work is part of receives a Gold!!! Yippie Well done John !!! Haven’t got all the up to date pictures so hope you get the chance to see the garden this weekend.

RTE Nationwide tonight ..Giant Wonderland Hare..

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I recently did an interview at my home and studio with Valerie Waters and the lovely cameraman Paul.The sun shone on the day of filming so I trust that Rte shows a good selection of my work for you to enjoy and maybe inspire you to commission a piece of sculpture from me in the future. I did this piece as I really wanted to get the magical feeling for grown ups so I made the hare big! I hope she makes you feel like jumping down a rabbit hole on a wonderland adventure or just makes you smile.

Rte Nationwide and then off to Bord Bia’s Bloom. ‘Up and Away’ !

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This pair of characters can be seen next week in the making on Rte’s Nationwide TV program in a feature about my work and family. Bursting to see it! They will then be in a garden called Natures Resurgence by John Durston at Bloom. After that, they are looking for their forever home! It’s hard to do work that is not commissioned but I had to push it this month and make the most of this lovely May.

Mr Fox a Wire Garden Sculpture with Personality.

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A prowling fox with quite the personality. I create these pieces by hand out of steel wire each piece is unique and usually made to order. A sculpture of this size and detail would take me around two weeks to make. Please contact me directly for more information.

Mad March Hares

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These hare’s are boxing mad and are made from steel wire and brute force, on my part… they will add a great feeling of well being to any Garden and bring a smile every country file passing.. I sculpt free hand and build the armature from feel and then work into it with other finer wire and then finally the finest wire creates the hair and detail. I am sure there are many ways to work with and develop wire art. It is a very expressive medium and aloes this is my technique that i have developed through hours of experimentation. This signature sculpture of a pair of boxing hares would last a life time in the garden. This pair are making there way to a home in Salisbury Wiltshire where I hope they will be very loved. I would be delight to work on a pair for you.

Wire Garden Hare visits Hunting Brook Garden Wicklow.

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I thought we would all enjoy the Snowdrops in this photo of my latest commission. Taken in the striking Wicklow mountains at the Hunting Brook Gardens by Jimi Blake. This wire garden hare is going to live on the south west of the blustery Irish coast. She’s a sturdy hare.

Marianna a fairy who flew around the world.

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This was a commission form a lovely lady I meet while she was over in Ireland on a visit from New Zealand. She is called Marianna after a relative from 1875. I was delighted to make this fairy and send her on her way.

Estella a fairy of great things!

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An Elegant sitting fairy with rose gold copper woven into her hair to give a further touch of femininity. She would be around 70 cm standing and her wings would reach waist height around 120 cm. She would weight around 5 kg and is made from the highest grade stainless. She is sitting on a petrified log that which is a piece of ancient marble.